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Courses offered at ITN in 2019 :

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Course ID Course name Remark Examinor
BFN101 Physics 1 Klas Tybrandt
BFN102 Physics 2 Ulf Sannemo
BFN103 Physics 3 Ulf Sannemo
BKN101 Chemistry 1 Jonte Bernhard
BMN301 Mathematics 3C for Foundation Year Zhuangwei Liu
BMN401 Mathematics 4 for Foundation Year Vivianne Deniz
BMN402 Mathematics specialisation for Foundation Year Vivianne Deniz
ETE499 Preparatory Course in Mathematics Claes Algström
ETE500 Introductory course in Mathematics George Baravdish
TDDC28 Applications of discrete-event simulation Krisjanis Steins
TNA001 Foundation Course in Mathematics Claes Algström
TNA002 Linear Algebra George Baravdish
TNA003 Calculus George Baravdish
TNA004 Calculus George Baravdish
TNA005 Applied Mathematics in Science and Technology Berkant Savas
TNA006 Calculus III Olof Svensson
TNA007 Vector Analysis Olof Svensson
TNBI24 Structural Mechanics and Strength of Materials Osama Hassan
TNBI29 Visualization techniques applied to Civil Engineering Patric Ljung
TNBI34 Computer Aided Building Design Anders Johansson
TNBI34 Computer Aided Building Design Anders Johansson
TNBI39 Building Technology, Advanced Course Madjid Taghizadeh
TNBI48 Visualisation project Patric Ljung
TNBI59 Building Technoogy Madjid Taghizadeh
TNBI61 Anders Vennström
TNBI65 Logistics in Civil Engineering Martin Rudberg
TNBI73 Water Supply and Wastewater Technology Dag Haugum
TNBI80 Applied Civil Engineering Thomas Johansson
TNBI85 Road Engineering Madjid Taghizadeh
TNBI86 Thomas Johansson
TNBI87 Dag Haugum
TNBI88 Virginia Gonzalo
TNBI89 Anders Jägryd
TNBI89 Anders Jägryd
TNBI89 Anders Jägryd
TNBI90 Anders Jägryd
TNBI91 House and Town Planning Virginia Gonzalo
TNBI92 Timber and Steel Structures Osama Hassan
TNBI94 Foundation Engineering Anders Jägryd
TNBI95 Scientific Method Anders Vennström
TNBI98 Dag Haugum
TNBI99 Dag Haugum
TNCG13 SFX - Tricks of the Trade Matthew Cooper
TNCG15 Advanced Global Illumination and Rendering Mark Dieckmann
TND002 Object-Oriented Programming Mark Dieckmann
TND004 Data Structures Aida Nordman
TND012 Programming Aida Nordman
TNE024 Molecular Physics Igor Zozoulenko
TNE026 Analog/Digital System Design Adriana Serban
TNE041 Modern Physics Ulf Sannemo
TNE043 Physical Modelling Ulf Sannemo
TNE056 Electromagnetic Field Theory and Electromagnetism Igor Zozoulenko
TNE058 Semiconductor Technology Amir Baranzahi
TNE062 RF System Design Adriana Serban
TNE064 Digital Communication Electronics Qin-Zhong Ye
TNE071 Microwave Engineering Adriana Serban
TNE083 Antenna Theory Magnus Karlsson
TNE085 Project Course CDIO Ole Pedersen
TNE087 Electronics Manufacturing Methods and Processes Magnus Karlsson
TNE088 RF Electronics Magnus Karlsson
TNE089 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Magnus Karlsson
TNE090 Wireless Sensor Networks Qin-Zhong Ye
TNE093 Solar Cell Technology Amir Baranzahi
TNE094 Digital Electronics and Design Qin-Zhong Ye
TNE095 Project - Electronic Design with Project Management Ole Pedersen
TNE097 Micro Computer Systems Qin-Zhong Ye
TNE100 Microprocessor project Qin-Zhong Ye
TNE101 Circuit Theory, Advanced Course Jonte Bernhard
TNE102 Applied Power Electronics Kjell Karlsson
TNE103 Organic Electronics 1 Magnus Jonsson
TNE104 Organic Electronics 2 Eleni Stavrinidou
TNFL01 Air Traffic and Air Transportation Christiane Schmidt
TNFL06 Airport Planning Tobias Andersson Granberg
TNFL07 Logistics of Airline Companies Valentin Polishchuk
TNFL10 Air Traffic Management Valentin Polishchuk
TNG006 Statistics Berkant Savas
TNG015 Signals and Systems Ole Pedersen
TNG016 Engineering Applications using Matlab Omer Nour
TNG018 Introduction to Logistics and Cost-Benefit Analysis Micael Thunberg
TNG022 Modelling and simulation Anna Lombardi
TNG028 Automatic Control Anna Lombardi
TNG032 Applied transform theory Zhuangwei Liu
TNG033 Programming in C++ Aida Nordman
TNG042 Scientific Methodology in Logistics Anna Fredriksson
TNGD09 Tidskriftdesign och -produktion Tomas Törnqvist
TNGD16 Förpackningsdesign och produktdisplay Tobias Trofast
TNGD17 Tryckteknik/Prepress Tobias Trofast
TNGD23 Scientific Method Jonas Lundberg
TNGD32 3D Graphics Stefan Gustavson
TNGD33 Packaging Design and Display Tobias Trofast
TNGD34 Interactive Information Design Jonas Lundberg
TNGD35 Graphical Design Project - Professional Conditions, Workplace Based Tommie Nyström
TNGD36 Integrated Media Production Tobias Trofast
TNGD38 Editorial Design Tomas Törnqvist
TNGD41 Basics in Graphics Design Tomas Törnqvist
TNGD42 Media Production - Processes and Tools Tobias Trofast
TNGD44 Image Production Tobias Trofast
TNGD45 Market Communicative Design Project
TNGD46 Document Production and Publishing Tobias Trofast
TNGE20 Introduction to Electronics Kjell Karlsson
TNGE25 Electronics Amir Baranzahi
TNGE37 Circuit Theory Jonte Bernhard
TNIU19 Foundation Course in Mathematics Peter Holgersson
TNIU22 Calculus in one variable I Peter Holgersson
TNIU23 Calculus in one variable II Peter Holgersson
TNIU66 Statistics and Probability Michael Hörnquist
TNIU75 Linear Algebra George Baravdish
TNK040 Telecommunication Systems Erik Bergfeldt
TNK044 Transport System Joakim Ekström
TNK046 Geographic Information Systems Carl Henrik Häll
TNK047 Optimization and system analysis Joakim Ekström
TNK049 Optimization Anders Peterson
TNK051 Planning of Air Traffic Christiane Schmidt
TNK053 Optimization Zhuangwei Liu
TNK055 Geographical Information Systems for Transportation Carl Henrik Häll
TNK061 Traffic Infrastructure Anders Peterson
TNK089 Discrete-event simulation Krisjanis Steins
TNK090 Queueing Theory Johan M Karlsson
TNK091 Traffic Safety Management Ghazwan Al Haji
TNK093 Mobile Communication Nikolaos Pappas
TNK098 Planning of public transportation and railway traffic Anders Peterson
TNK099 Logistics Networks and Transports Stefan Engevall
TNK100 Logistics Resource Planning Martin Waldemarsson
TNK101 Traffic Engineering and Control Johan Olstam
TNK103 Analysis of Communication and Transport Systems Clas Rydergren
TNK104 Applied Optimization I Nikolaos Pappas
TNK105 Applied Optimization II Nikolaos Pappas
TNK106 Positioning Systems David Gundlegård
TNK108 Computer Networking Evangelos Angelakis
TNK110 Mobile Communication and Networks Nikolaos Pappas
TNK111 Communication and Transportation - project Erik Bergfeldt
TNK112 Transport and Logistics Systems Jan Lundgren
TNK113 Transport Economics
TNK114 Logistics in Supply Chains Anna Fredriksson
TNK115 Smart Cities Evangelos Angelakis
TNK116 Internet of Things Evangelos Angelakis
TNK117 Data Analytics for Smart Cities Nikolaos Pappas
TNM031 Network Programming and Security Pierangelo Dell´Acqua
TNM034 Advanced Image Processing Daniel Nyström
TNM040 Communication and User Interfaces Camilla Forsell
TNM046 Computer Graphics Sasan Gooran
TNM048 Information Visualisation Jimmy Johansson
TNM059 Graphic Arts Sasan Gooran
TNM060 Teknisk projektledning för audiovisuell medieproduktion Dag Haugum
TNM061 3-D Computer Graphics Stefan Gustavson
TNM065 Document Structures Daniel Nyström
TNM067 Scientific Visualization Ingrid Hotz
TNM069 Graphic design and communication Cory Robinson
TNM079 Modelling and Animation Mark Dieckmann
TNM084 Procedural Methods for Images Stefan Gustavson
TNM085 Modelling Project/ Anna Lombardi
TNM086 Virtual Reality Techniques Karl-Johan Lundin Palmerius
TNM087 Image Processing and Analysis Daniel Nyström
TNM088 Digital media Daniel Nyström
TNM089 Imaging Technology Daniel Nyström
TNM091 Mediaproduktion för immersiva miljöer Karl-Johan Lundin Palmerius
TNM093 Practical Data Visualization and Virtual Reality Jimmy Johansson
TNM094 Media Technology - Bachelor Project Karl-Johan Lundin Palmerius
TNM095 Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Media Pierangelo Dell´Acqua
TNM096 Artificial intelligence - principles and techniques Pierangelo Dell´Acqua
TNM097 Image Reproduction and Image Quality Sasan Gooran
TNM098 Advanced Visual Data Analysis Matthew Cooper
TNM100 Structural Methods for User Experience (UX) Camilla Forsell
TNM101 Advanced Visualization Design Jonas Löwgren
TNM102 Design Research Methodology Jonas Löwgren
TNM104 Augmented Information Spaces Jonas Löwgren
TNM105 Studio 3 Jonas Löwgren
TNM106 Immersive Information Spaces Jonas Löwgren
TNM107 Scientific Method Niklas Rönnberg
TNM108 Machine Learning for Social Media Pierangelo Dell´Acqua
TNMK30 Electronic Publishing Niklas Rönnberg
TNSL01 Mathematics Vivianne Deniz
TNSL02 Community Planning
TNSL03 Logistics project Stefan Engevall
TNSL04 IT Pierangelo Dell´Acqua
TNSL05 Optimization, Modeling and Planning Marcus Posada
TNSL06 Logistics and engineering Scott Fowler
TNSL07 Simulation of Logistics Systems Krisjanis Steins
TNSL08 Production and Distribution Micael Thunberg
TNSL09 Health Care Logistics Krisjanis Steins
TNSL13 Planning for rescue systems Tobias Andersson Granberg
TNSL14 Logistics case Erik Bergfeldt
TNSL15 Logistics and Sustainable Development Martin Waldemarsson
TNSL16 Traffic Infrastructure, Safety and Planning Ghazwan Al Haji
TNSL17 Optimization in logistics Stefan Engevall
TNSL18 Decision models Martin Waldemarsson
TNSL19 Logistics Project - continuation course Stefan Engevall
TNSL20 Basic Logistics Algorithms Christiane Schmidt
TNSL21 Geographical Information Systems Carl Henrik Häll
TNSL22 English for Logisticians Christiane Schmidt

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